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Stem-Kine is a unique supplement made with all natural ingredients and vitamin D through a proprietary fermentation process.

This product nourishes the bone marrow supporting your body’s natural processes for producing and increasing levels of circulating stem cells.

         contain a proprietary, heat-treated extract of Lactobacillus Fermentum and the powerful antioxidants astragalus root, goji berry, and green tea.
This cell wall extract gives Stem-Kine its "fertilizer effect" and releases stem cells into the bloodstream & protects those cells from oxidative stress.

Supplemental ingredients include beta-1,3-glucan, vitamin D3, and ellagic acid to further protect stem cells from oxidative stress.

It has been shown in published clinical studies to provide ideal nutrition to the bone marrow enabling it to increase its production of stem cells which is the body’s system for the renewal of diseased and damaged tissues.


We would suggest to jump start your renewal that you take 2 caps am and 2 caps pm as per the scientific report for at least the first 30 days - then scale back to 1 cap am and 1 cap pm. If you are fighting a serious condition continuing on the larger dose for an extended period of time may be a more advisable. Either way we have found that you have to be on a supplement like this for at least 90 days to gain the maximum effect.

Click here for a a link to the published clinical studies for your perusal


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