Portable Dome Sauna

For Easy Weight-loss and Gentle Detox, Use Far Infra-red Heat Therapy

According to skin care experts, a lack of physical activity, junk foods and exposure to chemicals has led to a global epidemic of obesity, skin problems and premature aging.
One solution is to get 'under the dome’ for 20 minutes as often as you can.

Is it a miracle? How does it work?

Using the same technology developed for astronauts, the power of far infra-red energy helps provide the ‘benefits of passive exercise.’ 

Every session helps -

- boost metabolism - while you relax
- to metabolise fat cells - and burn over 600 calories per hour 
- to boost collagen production
- to detox and fight stress
- to promote younger looking skin  
An alarming number of studies are finding hundreds of toxic chemicals in the cells of people and animals everywhere. 

Experts now believe that the health impact, which up until recently has been downplayed by the chemical industry, is much greater than most suspected. 

Fatigue, trouble sleeping, depression, stress, weight gain, headaches, heightened allergies, migraines as well as long term illnesses have all been related to what NBC news recently called "chemical contamination."

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Far Infrared Portable Dome Sauna

Far Infrared Portable Dome Sauna

Toxicity symptoms include: headaches, depression, poor sleep, haziness and lack of focus, fatigue, c..


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