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What Is The Cell Shield?


Cell Shield is a innovative product that can protect its users against potentially harmful effect
 of electromagnetic waves. 

Cell Shield is a composite of twenty different ceramics that have the propensity to absorb
potentially harmful electric and magnetic waves. 


These ceramics are able to render them harmless by converting them into shorter far
 infra-red rays, which are useful bionic energy. 


Throughout this conversion process, the ceramics molecular structure undergoes dynamic changes in order to continuously reproduce this benefit. This in turn reduces the impact of electromagnetic waves and its adverse effect on it user's health.


Cell Shield is also attractively presented in the form of a one piece self-adhesive design. Once Cell
Shield has been attached, it instantly begins to provide its’ user with long lasting protection. 


On-going research and development are providing new and better understanding about the effects  of electromagnetic waves on our health. This will help to provide better guidelines and
recommendations about measures to protect us from its harmful effects.


Cell Shield application principle

Cell Shield consists of a combination of absorptive and conductive material which form a molecular structure with a high plasticity yield temperature of above 1,600°C.

This material absorbs the potentially noxious long electromagnetic waves (electric field and magnetic field), part of these are extinguished and part modified and radiated as 2.5μm – 25μm original infrared rays which represent a source of useful bionic energy for the human body.

The quantity irradiated energy is equal to the quantity of energy absorbed. Cell Shield is a semi-permanent product which repeats resonance. Just as radiated infrared rays facilitate animal and plant growth and blood circulation, Cell Shield neutralizes the potential risk to the human body, activates our bionics and absorbs the harmful electromagnetic waves.

Click here to learn how to attach the Cell Shield to your phone.


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Learn how to attach the Cell Shield to your phone

The Brain Tumor That Killed the Vice President’s
Son Has Been Linked to Cell Phone Radiation

WATCH…Live Aura Reading


Watch how the Cell Shield really protects you from cell phone radiation by changing
the aura (energy field) round you.

How to Protect Yourself … from your cell phone!



About a year ago I bought and used your Cell Shield for my cell phone and found it to be effective and easy to use.

This year I purchased your Scalar Energy Pendant at Atlanta Alive Expo, and I find this product to be even more useful.

When wearing the pendant I experience a boost in the overall protection from EMF waves, and I also find that the pendant has a positive effect on the chi flow within my body. I have been practicing yoga, qigong, and Reiki for several years and the Pendant gives me a noticeable increase in the intensity of energy fields.

My qigong movements are more focused, and there seems to be a wider energy mass surrounding my body.

It feels as if I’m doing qigong with a moderate resistance, as if the air becomes a little thick and the movements become somewhat smoother.

I also find that I can better focus on the different energy qualities of the elements, directions, yin and yang, and their inherent beneficial attributes.

The Pendant appears to align things up nicely for overall balance and harmony. It is a versatile, beneficial, durable and attractive product that I will enjoy for many years. Thanks for making it available.

William E. (Atlanta, GA)

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Cell Shield

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