Finance for Stem Cell transplant

Adult Stem Cell Foundation Supports Simple Plan 
to help Patients Financing Stem Cell Therapy

Adult Stem Cell Foundation Advisory Board

If you have been exploring stem cell therapy but found the cost of it outside your budget, we can now suggest the option of using the services of Medi Credit, who are funded by the ANZ Bank, says Bruce Lahey Honorary Director of the Adult Stem Cell Foundation - registered charity.

While there is currently no health care funding available for stem cell therapy, Medi Credit will be able to take the pressure off so you can gain the care you need here or overseas without the anxiety of a full payment, says Mr Lahey.

Medi Credit have been funding the Medical industry here in Australian for over 8 years and are a very professional, well supported organization that is funded by the ANZ Bank.

Medi Credit fund all Medical & Cosmetic treatments / procedures up to $70,000 as well as all the associated costs involved with the treatment like anaesthetist, hospital, travel and accommodation here and overseas, says Mr Lahey.

At Medi Credit, they have been providing an alternate payment solution for patients with varied conditions. Their service will allow you to move forward with your treatment/procedure sooner rather than later and without the worry and concerns that come with affordability issues.

Obviously if the patient does not have a regular income to support the loan repayments for their treatment, a partner or family member can assist.

It is important you fill out the stem cell transplant application on our web site prior to applying for credit assistance so as to gain all member benefits, says Mr. Lahey.

ASCF Stem Cell Transplant Application:

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Medi Credit Application: