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We have doctors in various areas of Australia, New Zealand and overseas performing experimental stem cell transplants. Most procedures are performed at day surgery clinics except for the more serious conditions which can require a stay of up to 4 to 6 weeks as in the Bangkok/Shanghai Clinics. Many of our doctors act as a Portal or referring doctor to the Bangkok/Shanghai clinics for treatment of more serious conditions beyond their scope. Your options are below.

PREVENTION PLAN: It is also a further requirement that you follow the ASCF Prevention Plan prior, during and after a procedure as it has shown to be most beneficial in enhancing your speedy return to health, including maximizing the results of the stem cell transplant. In many cases a transplant has been unnecessary or delayed indefinitely due to the improvement gained by following this simple Plan.

cialis et effets secondaires – once you have completed and submitted the Application below please immediately contact the ASCF for advice on how to implement this Plan to benefit your condition.

Your location choices for treatment

All arthritic type conditions, pain, and some degenerative diseases, usually day surgery
Cartilage regeneration only, sports injuries, usually day surgery.
Gold Coast
ll arthritic type conditions, pain, and some degenerative diseases. Integrated cancer protocols, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Usually day surgery.
All arthritic type conditions, hair loss, pain, and some degenerative diseases, usually day surgery.
Spine and joint regeneration, sports injuries, cartilage, some degenerative diseases, usually day surgery.
All arthritic type conditions, pain, cartilage and some degenerative diseases, usually day surgery.
Hong Kong/ Shanghai
All degenerative diseases, pain, stroke, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, autism, brain injuries, integrated cancer protocols etc...
Allogenic stem cell procedures and integrated cancer protocols. Patients will usually be away for up to 4 to 6 weeks of intensive hospitalized treatment.
Rome - Italy
Retinal eye diseases - requires 2 weeks of intense daily treatment.


Please read this Application thoroughly before applying.

The results of these transplants will be published by the doctors in the appropriate medical journals at a yet to be determined future date. Obviously no names of patients are published. Doctors can publish their patient outcomes in the Australasian Stem Cell Registry

These transplants are self funded by the patient and in most cases charges with doctors involved are not claimable on Medical Insurance. Adult stem cell therapy is not available to patients with tumors. The Doctors concerned have stated they believe no harm can come from these transplants but conversely cannot guarantee any outcomes. We are all different and we all can react differently and that is why these experimental adult stem cell transplants have been set up in the first place, so as we can find out what outcomes had positive results versus what results had little or no effect.

Your Application will be forwarded to the most suitable doctor. We try to refer you to a doctor closest to you but that is not always the best option considering your medical history. Doctors will ultimately decide who they will select for the transplant. Be patient as we have been inundated with Applications. Results to date taken up to 6 months after having a transplant are varied with about 33% of patients having a good result, 33% gaining some beneficial result and 33% having little or no result. This is not to say these results could change further in time as the body reacts to the stem cell stimulation. We are unsure why some patients benefit more than others at this stage and this aspect is an important part of the ongoing research. Arthritis suffers have much higher results. A stem cell transplant instead of a joint replacement is fast becoming the preferred 1st option by many orthopedic surgeons.

Participation In co-funded trials. Selected doctors will from time to time conduct registered trials for research. If your application was selected you would be notified by the clinic concerned. Co-funded trials have become necessary where funding from institutions or large pharmaceutical companies is not forthcoming. Funding for this type of research attracts little interest from large pharmaceutical companies as there is no end benefit for them in the way of patents or profitable outcomes because we use the patient’s own stem cells and no drugs are involved – hence we have co-funded trials.

We do know that the better a patient's health is before the transplant procedure, may play a significant part in the overall outcome. We encourage all applicants to participate in the Foundations Prevention Plan before, during and after having a transplant. Some patients' health has turned around so much their planned transplant has been put on hold.

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We would also like to point out that there are medical conditions today that are still beyond the scope of this new and exciting branch of medical science, which means unfortunately not all conditions can be considered at this stage. If your condition is in that category, it is even more important you consider following the ASCF Prevention Plan and try and keep your health in the best possible condition while science catches up. Science is moving very fast in the area of Regenerative Medicine.

By completing this application for a transplant you give permission to the Adult Stem Cell Foundation to act on your behalf and agree that any research data obtained can be used for publication, conditional to your privacy being maintained. The personal information contained in your application that will be sent to a participating doctor for review, will at all time be private and confidential and not released to third parties by the ASCF or the doctor concerned. You will be required to regularly update your Progress Profile (which will be forwarded to you) so as your results reflects an accurate record of your progress to date. You give permission for selected members of the ASCF to contact you to discuss all aspects of the ASCF Prevention Plan and any other area of mutual interest.

By clicking the 'send application' button below, you state that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions as mentioned above.

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