Advisory board

Adult Stem Cell Foundation Medical Advisory Board

The members listed below are all key professionals in their chosen fields. They lead the way in many aspects of holistic health using stem cell therapies, regenerative medicine, anti ageing, acupuncture, pharmacology, functional medicine, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, commerce, law and finance. All these members donate their time and expertise to assist the ASCF in becoming one of the premier not for profit organizations in the World specializing in a combination of stem cell sciences and holistic healing. The Foundation and our many thousands of volunteer members greatly appreciate their continuous contributions.


The ASCF is pleased to advise of this significant honorary appointment to our Advisory Board.
We are very appreciative to have a doctor with Dr Felix's passion, intellect and experience involved in stem cell sciences.

Dr Soraya Felix as you can read below is probably one of the most qualified doctors in Australia and beyond.

Dr. Soraya Felix is a Medical Doctor, Chemist, Pharmacologist and Molecular Biologist.
She was trained in Stem Cell Therapy in the USA and still works closely with the Regenestem and the Global Stem Cell Group.

Dr Felix is currently involved in world breaking work with stem cells especially in the areas of Cystic Fibrosis and other serious diseases including all forms of arthritis.
Shortly, Dr Felix will be returning to USA for further training for treatment of spinal conditions using stem cells.
She will be training with the American Orthopaedic Association in Denver Colorado.
This training also includes using the latest techniques in Ultrasound and these treatments will also be offered in her clinic.
Stem cell therapies is an area of continuous research which means Dr. Felix is always travelling to learn and bring back to Australia the latest treatments for her patients.
Dr Felix will also be working with our partner clinic in Shanghai.
Dr. Felix has offered to the Adult Stem Cell Foundation her services at much lower costs for members to deal with the back log of patients in need of the therapy.
This charitable gesture is greatly appreciated.


  • Bachelor in Medicine
  • Bachelor in Surgery
  • Bachelor in Biology
  • Bachelor in Chemistry
  • Honours degree in Molecular Biology
  • Master's degree in Pharmacology
  • Fellowship in General Practice

Dr Soraya Felix is a member of:

  • SCCANZ (Skin Cancer College of Australia and New Zealand)
  • AAAM (Australasian College of Anti-Ageing Medicine)

Dr Felix also holds diplomas or received advance training in:

  • Dermatology
  • Anti ageing treatments
  • Skin Cancer Management
  • Laser, leg veins (Arizona - USA)

Dr Alan Hadley

Dr Hadley is a highly experienced medical practitioner who over the years has developed a style of medicine that incorporates natural remedies and acupuncture in an integrative approach. He understands the importance of listening and spending quality time hearing his patients' needs and concerns. He aims to promote wellness and vitality in his patients and focuses on supporting patients to achieve an optimum level of health. Dr Hadley specializes in natural hormone therapy, anti-ageing and wellness programs, skin cancer checks and integrated health management.

Stuart Bain

Stuart Bain of Hyperbaric Consultants. Stuart is an engineer and is highly qualified in the operation of hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Stuart is donating his services to help the foundation set up the first low cost hyperbaric oxygen community centres around Australia

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Shannon Neilsen

Shannon has over 15 years of experience in both the public and private health care sector and pharmaceutical industry, both in Australia and Asia. Shannon was involved in the China entry of Parkway health, Asia's largest Private health care company in 2007, and lead the set up and operations of their flagship sites in Shanghai, China. Shannon also led the design and implantation of Parkway health's clinical programs across their China network.

Shannon was the Director of Operations for WA Health Care, a US Private Health Care company, specializing in the provision of Health and Wellness services in China, including Anti Aging, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine & Preventative Medicine. He led the development of all aspects of Clinical Operational Delivery from Physician Recruitment, Program development, Clinic Design and Fiscal management.

Shannon has been working with the leaders in regenerative medicine in both Asia and the USA for the past 4 years to expand the availability of Regenerative medicine in China and now Australia. Shannon brings a vast knowledge of China's health care industry as well as a unique understanding of the emerging field of Regenerative medicine.

Dr Harry Good ND

Harry is our globetrotting nutritionist and naturopath, with his extensive background in food technology food manufacturing, export and food production, Harry has taken the helm of our nutritional and wellness protocols for those interested in seeking stem cell therapy and integrative oncology.

Harry pioneered vegetarian and organics food back in the early 80s, creating healthy options for major health food stores and inner city cafe across Sydney. Now he's helping companies in the USA to develop new foods that we at the ASCF will endorse to a growing audience of people wanting the healthiest foods with low fat less, no additives, organic, non GMO and of course no refined sugar.

Harry is working closely with some of the leading Hollywood film producers, naturopaths and nutritionists in some exciting projects due for release next year.

We hope to have our ASCF endorsement on many more food products and services in the near future.

Over the past 40 years, Harry has seen food trends come and go and these days he knows the focus is on nutrient dense food and getting people to better understand the processes of digestion, assimilation, gut health, the benefits of exercise, stress reduction etc

Harry is also working with a number of clinics, health stores and integrative health centres around the world all of whom are eager to help improve community health and education standards.

Dr. Melva Martin

Throughout the years Dr. Melva Martin continued with her university studies at Massey gaining a BA (Nursing Studies), a MEdAdmin (Education), MPhil (Religious Studies) and finally a Doctorate in Education (EDD) from Monash University, Australia.

For almost thirty years Melva was involved in both clinical practice and the training of Naturopaths. She was a key person on many committees set up by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to set standards for Natural and Traditional Therapies in New Zealand and she was selected as a member of the Advisory Committee for Complementary and Alternative Health (MACCAH) by the Minister of Health.

Today, Melva is Patron for the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners. She is a life member of the Natural Therapies Assn, the Reflexology Assn., and the International Society for Osteopathic Practice.

Melva says: "Although we live in an environment that is not always conducive to health and wellness we can help ourselves in many ways to remain well and 'alive' so that we enjoy life to the full and this website is here to help you to do just that!"

Dr. Kevin Ong

Dr. Kevin Ong is a certified medical doctor and health coach with a helping heart. He was also a Singapore Government Medical scholar since 1995, and has travelled extensively to various countries in Asia during the course of his medical studies and work duties. He has been trained in Community, Occupational and Family Medicine, Anesthesiology, Military Triage, Military Medicine, Preventive Medicine.

He is actively involved in preventive health education since 2001. He currently gives public health education talks advocating a well-balanced diet (including premium NZ colostrum) and regular physical activity, for optimum health and work performance.

Dr. Ong is also a health coach of Health Coach International, a integrative health coaching organisation, that offers coaching and therapy to help busy corporate executives achieve their health goals in the area of weight management, stress management and anti-aging.

His coaching mantra is to "Revitalise, Re-energise and Reverse". As a seasoned health coach, he had helped his clients achieve their health goals safely, and swiftly, in line with up-to-date medical data and simple practical strategies.