Adult stem cells are not to be confused with the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells. In a transplant using embryonic stem cells somebody else's stem cells are being used. Adult stem cell transplants are very different as they use the patients own stem cells that are transplanted back into their body. No controversy and no need to use anti rejection drugs for the rest of your life. You are simply taking cells from one part of your body and injecting them back into another part of your body that needs help. How simple is that?

The adult stem cells can be taken from the bone marrow in the patient’s hipbone or from their adipose tissue (fat). After collection the adult stem cells are isolated and tested. The sample undergoes several quality assurance tests including a number of viral markers. In addition, the number of stem cells are counted and their vitality are tested. This ensures the patient receives only the highest quality stem cells for their treatment. The stem cells are then injected back into the patient’s damaged tissue or released through an IV drip.. As they are the patient’s own stem cells, rejection does not occur. (This is the opposite with embryonic stem cells (from another person) where rejection is a definite possibility.)

The injecting of millions of extra adult stem cells directly back into the patients damaged tissue enables the stem cells to work their magic where they are needed most. That is how simple Adult Stem Cell Therapy can be! It is day surgery in most cases.

Published data shows varying success rates dependant on the disease treated and the patients condition prior to harvest. Research is showing that the healthier the patient is prior to a transplant the better the outcomes. Why it can be ineffective in a percentage of the cases is still unknown. Hopefully on going research will resolve this. Stem cell science is changing so fast. There are literally many millions of people who have a degenerative disease (that has no immediate cure) that may benefit from these therapies.


This collection technique is becoming very popular and can be more suitable to a wider range of conditions. Instead of harvesting stem cells from the bone marrow stem cells are harvested from the patients own adipose tissue (fat) and removed by a mini lipo-suction procedure under a local anesthetic. The stem cells collected are part of what is called - Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) which is a combination of stem cells, blood cells, platelets and growth factors – a very powerful cocktail. Harvesting SVF is much easier and less invasive than the bone marrow procedure.

Interestingly Doctors are telling us there can be up to 17 times more stem cells in SVF than bone marrow, plus patients usually have a substantial amount of fat available for harvesting. When a larger numbers of stem cells are harvested through this method multiple sites can be injected at the same time. This is usually a very comfortable procedure for the patient done using a local anesthetic. This technology allows the physicians to provide the procedure on the same day.
Mesenchymal stem cell yields in SVF taken from peripheral fat are much higher and can be collected in a couple of hours. Stem cell yields from the bone marrow tend to decrease as the patient ages, this is not the case with stem cells harvested  adipose tissue. Patients receive their own autologous cells so there is no risk of immune rejection.

The Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) containing the stem cells is harvested through a closed surgical procedure for efficiency and safety reasons. There is no need to ship samples to an outside laboratory and wait days for the cells to be returned for an injection on a second visit. This faster process is done without manipulation of the stem cells. There are no ethical or moral issues involved in harvesting autologous adult stem cells.


The Foundation organizes these procedures in partnership with carefully selected medical doctors/clinics practicing in Australia, NZ, Italy, Thailand and China who are highly experienced in stem cell transplant procedures. This network of clinics makes availability of a variety of treatments more accessible for our members to consider. We believe we are the only charity in the World assisting in this way. SVF transplants commenced in October 2010 and are experimental. In most cases the selected participants will self fund their procedure.

The individual patient results will contribute to the overall long term research program being conducted by the physicians involved with the statistical data to be published in the Australasian Stem Cell Registry. If you, a family member or a friend are interested in a stem cell transplant please fill out the Application on our web site – Click the link below:

The Foundation does not receive commissions from referrals to other medical organizations.


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Learn with our training how to spread our important message to the wider community, including that it is now possible to limit the onset of these terrible degenerative diseases. This is an opportunity for you to help others less fortunate. Many of our Honorary Members are passionately involved in different aspects of the wellness industry.
Learn the part adult stem cells play as the “Repair Kit ” for damaged tissue and organs anywhere in the body. Adult Stem Cells are really your best friend. You will learn the importance of keeping your own stem cells in a healthy condition and how to do that. You will also learn ways to increase the number of stem cells you have circulating in your body and why that is important to a long and healthy life. As one ages (the biological clock) your bone marrow releases less adult stem cells into the blood stream and that is exactly the opposite of what you want to happen. We will show you how to reverse that trend.

The number of stem cells circulating in the bloodstream is one of the greatest indicators of human health. As stem cells possess the ability to become virtually any kind of cell in the body. Supporting stem cell release can potentially enhance the health of every organ and tissue of the body, offering a golden opportunity for ongoing health and wellness for virtually everyone.

A panel of Advisors from the medical, scientific and business communities has been appointed to advise the Foundation on all aspects of running an organisation of this type.

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