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The Adult Stem Cell Foundation’s Mission is to provide information about new technologies, breakthrough treatments and natural products related to the role that Adult Stem Cells play in helping to manage and prevent degenerative diseases including cancer. This website is dedicated to providing more information for patients, doctors and researchers alike.
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The Foundation is a privately funded philanthropic (non profit) organization advising un-well people about how to gain access to Adult Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT). The Foundation is also promoting a plan to its members on how to prevent or limit the progression of degenerative diseases and other conditions. Degenerative disease is an escalating world problem that, if not controlled, could bankrupt our health systems.

A major objective of the Foundation is to highlight that people suffering from degenerative conditions now have the option of considering Adult Stem Cell Therapy. This therapy may improve quality of life for sufferers of Arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Spinal Cord injuries, Cancer or Chronic Pain to name a few.  A stem cell transplant, instead of a joint replacement, is fast becoming the preferred first option for orthopedic surgeons.

The Foundation intends to educate parents/carers of children suffering from a debilitating or degenerative condition like Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Spinal injuries, Cystic fibrosis, ADHD etc. Stem cell treatments have progressed in leaps and bounds for these conditions. There are now state of the art clinics that specialize in treating the afore-mentioned conditions.  Children can usually benefit substantially from an early intervention by stem cell therapies and other protocols because they are still growing. As an example: spending time in a mild hyperbaric chamber (HBO) can also be beneficial.  Just fill out the Application Form for an experimental transplant and we will be only too happy to advise.

The ASCF has become a global Information Centre for stem cell therapy. The centre will only support clinics that have demonstrated they abide by the highest medical standards and have a proven track record of administering these types of therapies, in Australia and overseas. We can now advise locally which gives peace of mind to our members who are contemplating a procedure of this nature.

     More Adult Stem Cell Foundation purposes are:

  • Creating awareness of the availability of stem cell therapy and that it has become viable for consideration.
  • To raise money from benefactors, including private and  commercial sponsorships.
  • To provide medical and research reports on degenerative disease to  doctors and health professionals.
  • To run awareness programs on Lifestyle Medicine  promoting healthy foods that may prevent the onset of degenerative diseases.  This includes stem cell stimulating natural products that are backed by  science.
  • To provide information to schools on healthy diet and  lifestyle plans.
    To provide  scholarships and fellowships for the study of degenerative diseases and their  treatment.
  • To support Adult Stem Cell research by leading  Universities and Not For Profit organizations.
  • To open representative  offices in other countries. Such offices are already established  in Thailand, NZ, South Africa, India, UK  and France

Global Data-Base: A new service for doctors to record patient data and adverse events from stem cell procedures they have performed. This first of its kind global registry (data-base) was developed in conjunction with one of Australia’s leading information technology companies. The Registry was privately funded by members of the ASCF with no Government assistance and will be a major stepping stone in establishing the future of stem cell science in this and other countries.

It is a free service giving doctors in full security and full control the ability to record and share patient stem cell data with other doctors. The following is an overview of the Registry’s main features:

Australasian Stem Cell Registry Overview - Read more >>>

The ASCF has also introduced a new funding model for stem cell transplants - this new financing model is funded by the patients and their supporters.


The foundation is working with local and international crowd funding platforms to stimulate contributions from a global audience to help fund transplants for patients in need. This includes funding for special projects like setting up of the first privately run community hyperbaric oxygen centre for patients suffering from MS and other degenerative conditions. Fundraising opportunities using these platforms are available for enthusiastic members of the public to help raise money for people suffering from degenerative diseases, especially children. We will show and train you on how to set up your own platform for friends and family you may wish to help. You can make a real difference by volunteering your time.


The Foundation receives no government funding so we exist on the generosity of our members, the public and corporations. We hope if we can help improve your health outcomes that you may see your way clear at some future time to consider assisting with either your time or money to this worthwhile cause.

We would also like to point out that there are medical conditions today that are still beyond the scope of this new and exciting branch of medical science, which unfortunately means not everybody can be treated with stem cells at this stage. If you are in this category, it is even more important you follow the ASCF Prevention Plan (see below) and keep your health in the best possible state while science catches up. Science is moving very fast in the area of Regenerative Medicine.